After COP27

The twenty-seventh United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change was held in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt. After COP27, I think it would be useful to compile the highlights of the conference.

The most important output of the COP27 was reached on the last day of the negotiations: The “Loss and Damage Fund” was established to ensure that the most vulnerable countries against climate change can benefit. Although there are many issues that need to be negotiated regarding the details of the Loss and Damage Fund, the creation of such a fund is extremely positive in order to adapt to the climate change of developing countries that are faced with the devastating consequences of climate change such as drought, floods and sea level rise. After all the details are revealed, I hope that the Loss and Damage Fund will make an important contribution to the establishment of climate justice.

Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, the country that will host COP28, in his opening speech of COP27, stated that they will continue to supply oil and gas as long as world needs[1]. In a conference that started in this atmosphere, similar to COP26, a decision was made to gradually reduce the use of coal however, again just like in COP26, a decision on the phase-out from fossil fuels was not taken in in COP27. Considering these, it can be said that, COP27 was failed to enhance climate change mitigation efforts, compared to the previous COP.

At COP27, Türkiye updated its Nationally Determined Contribution. Türkiye has nearly doubled the key metric of its nationally determined contribution (NDC) target to 41%. The previous target for Türkiye was 21%. Nationally Determined Contributions, which are delivered within the framework of the Paris Agreement, appear as commitments to reduce emissions in order to fight against climate change. Nationally Determined Contributions are determined by each country according to own conditions and needs.

As COP27 comes to an end, I think it is necessary to remind all policy makers that time is against us in the fight against climate change.


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